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The Challenge

Successful Health Information Exchange (HIE) requires electronic sharing of patient health information. When a physician receives a medical summary from an outside source (hospital, referring physician, patient, etc.), the data must be compared and reconciled with existing data in the practice EMR/EHR. This is usually accomplished with a time-consuming, labor-intensive and error-prone manual process.

The Solution

The FroozHIE data comparison and reconciliation tool helps healthcare providers intelligently and seamlessly compare and reconcile medical data from two different sources. The FroozHIE tool supports multiple electronic formats (CCR, CCD, CDA, HL7) and a variety of identifiers (SNOMED-CT, RxNorm, FirstDataBank, CPT, ICD9, MetaThesaurus). The FroozHIE tool includes a secure, web-based user interface that can be embedded in healthcare IT applications . enabling interaction with the comparison tool to reconcile differences. Reconciled data is then presented electronically back to the source application so updates can be incorporated.

How it Works

The FroozHIE tool is a secure website that can be launched from any EHR, PHR or other healthcare IT application. The application passes an incoming summary document and a destination summary document as CGI parameters. A URL that indicates where to post the results is also passed, along with the requested format for the results. A web browser displays an AJAX based web interface to allow the user to interact with the FroozHIE tool.

Technical Details

For technical details, visit the wiki.
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